What does your website’s design colors say about your brand?

Choosing the right Colors & Fonts for your marketing / website designs are more important than most people ever imagined…. here’s why


Choosing the right colors for your brand or website can be an exciting and excruciating task all at the same time. A lot of folks don’t attach much importance beyond “that looks nice, let’s go with that!”


So who’s job is it anyway? While a designer can tell you which color palettes go good together and why using complimentary colors is easier on the eyes, deciding which colors to use should be a joint effort between your marketing & creative departments.


Our minds make a psychological association between the colors we see and the emotions we feel in response to them, so it stands to reason that while certain colors may look pretty…. the real question is does it tap in to the appropriate emotional response from our clients that we are attempting to reach.


Let’s dive into the thick of it, by looking at primary colors and the associated emotions we feel!



Stimulation, Energy, Vibrancy, Passion 



Cheerful, Warmth, receptiveness, sincerity



Entrusting, Security, Responsibility     



Healing,  Enlightenment, Naturel, compassion

The Shades

Balance, Peaceful, Practicality, Neutrality, Pure, Innocent

What your websites design says about you brand


We hope this inspired you  to get a little creative when choosing the colors for your branding and marketing materials!
Next up…. Similarly, research has been conducted around the emotional response to different font styles.  Stay tuned


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June is Effective Communications Month… here is a free seo tool!

How do you effectively communicate with your clients online? Through your website, your social media outlets and of course your blogs and landing pages!

In 60 seconds or less….a free seo site audit for as many keywords as you like!

Use this free tool to find out how your blogs, web pages and landing pages are communicating with your target market and what you can do to make them more appealing to search engines to increase your pages rankings and views.

Step 1. Enter the url of the page you want to analyze

Step 2. Enter the main keyword for the page

Step 3. Run the audit

Step 4. Read results & Fix the issues in the task list to optimize your pages and communicate your message more effectively to your clients.

And of course… Happy Effective communications month to all!

P.S you can run this seo site audit as many times as you like for as many pages and keywords you would like to analyze!


Click here to run the tool!

Facebook pages for business



Tip: When you give your customers their guest check or receipt invite your customers to like your fan page on FB to receive a 10 % discount on their next order.

Facebook Likes are important, the more people like your page the more customers will come to your page!  

Let me explain this phenomena….. So let’s say you have a client who is a regular, we’ll call her “Cathy”. Facebook has a feature that when someone likes a page it will ask the person to invite their “friends on Facebook’ to “like” the page as well. So let’s say Cathy has liked your page and she has invited her “friends” all 237 of them to like it as well.

Chances are Cathy will have some friends who do not know about or have never been to your Restaurant/Store/Place of business before. Then it reaches out to her friends “friends” as well and their friends and so on…..Thus you are growing your reach and your likes and this is a never ending funnel that will continue to grow on and on and on.   So now you have 1000 let’s say likes on your Facebook page.

Another nifty feature of Facebook is that Whenever you update your page or add an event , coupon contest etc.. all these people will be notified that you added an event or did whatever it was that you did. Translation=  no cost advertising!  

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Once you’ve created your Facebook page , drop us a line and we’ll walk you through the next steps! or sign-up below and we’ll create one for you.   Don’t have a Facebook page yet? Make one!  it’s free and will allow you to engage with your customers all year long.

Don’t have time to do it? Click here to enter your details and we’ll set it up for you, this service is free to all of our subscribers :)

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Google can't locate your business if it isn't sure where you re!

Our clients tell us about these issues plaguing their small businesses all too often. We’ve heard it a dozen times , Google is displaying a number I haven’t had in years… or we changed addresses 3 years ago and some results online are STILL showing the wrong address?

So Why Is Google Literally ignoring your small business or worse yet displaying wrong information??

In this blog series I will fill you in on some of the more important reasons that your SEO (or lack thereof) is hurting your small business rankings.

Yes, there is a reason why this is happening & no, it does not have to stay that way.

The biggest reason why search engines literally ignore some small businesses? Inconsistent business data! It sounds a little ridiculous but it’s true.

NAP data (Name Address & Phone) is collected by various sources and distributed across some of the larger listing sites online, Like,, Manta, City maps etc… they get their information from aggregators big data companies and even customers who write online reviews (they often put in the wrong info)  and so it doesn’t need to be verified by you to be displayed online! Therefore you have no control over what is being displayed & where.

Why does it affect your search rankings? Google and the like are committed to providing relevant search results to their users, when there is inconsistent data being found online it has no way to know which information is correct and therefore disregards the results.

Locate, Fix & Create!

Step 1. Use this free scanner tool to see where your company is listed online, where it isn’t, and what errors are showing.

Step 2. Regain control over your business info & Fix any erroneous information that is being displayed.

Step 3. Create rich content for your listings that will engage your customers… Such as photos of your business, a welcome message or company description, links to your website, coupons & promotions, detailed product descriptions, menus, staff bios & more.



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How Google Alerts can help your small business in 10 seconds or less!  


Bad reviews online getting your small business down?

Most people don’t even know they have bad reviews online until a frequent customer brings it up to them or worse yet until a would have been potential client mentions it…. eek!!  Get Proactive!  Set a Google Alert for your business. It’s free and it will monitor online sites that have any citations or mentions of your business and alert you as soon as a new one or any for that matter pops-up!

Sign up for that here ( it’s free)

In some cases it is not instantaneous but it definitely helps to grab the bull by the horns so to speak and deal with your reviews good or bad as quickly as possible.   We’re not all large enough to have PR firms handle our press but the worst thing you can do as a new business, small business or start up is to ignore reviews.

Take charge of your reputation online! 


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