What does your website’s design colors say about your brand?

Choosing the right Colors & Fonts for your marketing / website designs are more important than most people ever imagined…. here’s why


Choosing the right colors for your brand or website can be an exciting and excruciating task all at the same time. A lot of folks don’t attach much importance beyond “that looks nice, let’s go with that!”


So who’s job is it anyway? While a designer can tell you which color palettes go good together and why using complimentary colors is easier on the eyes, deciding which colors to use should be a joint effort between your marketing & creative departments.


Our minds make a psychological association between the colors we see and the emotions we feel in response to them, so it stands to reason that while certain colors may look pretty…. the real question is does it tap in to the appropriate emotional response from our clients that we are attempting to reach.


Let’s dive into the thick of it, by looking at primary colors and the associated emotions we feel!



Stimulation, Energy, Vibrancy, Passion 



Cheerful, Warmth, receptiveness, sincerity



Entrusting, Security, Responsibility     



Healing,  Enlightenment, Naturel, compassion

The Shades

Balance, Peaceful, Practicality, Neutrality, Pure, Innocent

What your websites design says about you brand


We hope this inspired you  to get a little creative when choosing the colors for your branding and marketing materials!
Next up…. Similarly, research has been conducted around the emotional response to different font styles.  Stay tuned


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