June is Effective Communications Month… here is a free seo tool!

How do you effectively communicate with your clients online? Through your website, your social media outlets and of course your blogs and landing pages!

In 60 seconds or less….a free seo site audit for as many keywords as you like!

Use this free tool to find out how your blogs, web pages and landing pages are communicating with your target market and what you can do to make them more appealing to search engines to increase your pages rankings and views.

Step 1. Enter the url of the page you want to analyze

Step 2. Enter the main keyword for the page

Step 3. Run the audit

Step 4. Read results & Fix the issues in the task list to optimize your pages and communicate your message more effectively to your clients.

And of course… Happy Effective communications month to all!

P.S you can run this seo site auditĀ as many times as you like for as many pages and keywords you would like to analyze!


Click here to run the tool!