Our clients tell us about these issues plaguing their small businesses all too often. We’ve heard it a dozen times , Google is displaying a number I haven’t had in years… or we changed addresses 3 years ago and some results online are STILL showing the wrong address?

So Why Is Google Literally ignoring your small business or worse yet displaying wrong information??

In this blog series I will fill you in on some of the more important reasons that your SEO (or lack thereof) is hurting your small business rankings.

Yes, there is a reason why this is happening & no, it does not have to stay that way.

The biggest reason why search engines literally ignore some small businesses? Inconsistent business data! It sounds a little ridiculous but it’s true.

NAP data (Name Address & Phone) is collected by various sources and distributed across some of the larger listing sites online, Like 411.com, yp.com, Manta, City maps etc… they get their information from aggregators big data companies and even customers who write online reviews (they often put in the wrong info)  and so it doesn’t need to be verified by you to be displayed online! Therefore you have no control over what is being displayed & where.

Why does it affect your search rankings? Google and the like are committed to providing relevant search results to their users, when there is inconsistent data being found online it has no way to know which information is correct and therefore disregards the results.

Locate, Fix & Create!

Step 1. Use this free scanner tool to see where your company is listed online, where it isn’t, and what errors are showing.

Step 2. Regain control over your business info & Fix any erroneous information that is being displayed.

Step 3. Create rich content for your listings that will engage your customers… Such as photos of your business, a welcome message or company description, links to your website, coupons & promotions, detailed product descriptions, menus, staff bios & more.



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