Tip: When you give your customers their guest check or receipt invite your customers to like your fan page on FB to receive a 10 % discount on their next order.

Facebook Likes are important, the more people like your page the more customers will come to your page!  

Let me explain this phenomena….. So let’s say you have a client who is a regular, we’ll call her “Cathy”. Facebook has a feature that when someone likes a page it will ask the person to invite their “friends on Facebook’ to “like” the page as well. So let’s say Cathy has liked your page and she has invited her “friends” all 237 of them to like it as well.

Chances are Cathy will have some friends who do not know about or have never been to your Restaurant/Store/Place of business before. Then it reaches out to her friends “friends” as well and their friends and so on…..Thus you are growing your reach and your likes and this is a never ending funnel that will continue to grow on and on and on.   So now you have 1000 let’s say likes on your Facebook page.

Another nifty feature of Facebook is that Whenever you update your page or add an event , coupon contest etc.. all these people will be notified that you added an event or did whatever it was that you did. Translation=  no cost advertising!  

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Once you’ve created your Facebook page , drop us a line and we’ll walk you through the next steps! or sign-up below and we’ll create one for you.   Don’t have a Facebook page yet? Make one!  it’s free and will allow you to engage with your customers all year long.

Don’t have time to do it? Click here to enter your details and we’ll set it up for you, this service is free to all of our subscribers :)

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