What Is a Mobile Website?

What is a mobile website? If you don’t know don’t worry—you’re not alone. A mobile website is a simpler and smaller version of a desktop website designed to be displayed on a mobile phone.

Your current site is already viewable on a mobile phone. However, navigating it probably requires a considerable degree of acrobatic finger maneuvering by way of pinching and zooming on the screen so as to try and locate key information about your business.

Consumers? They don’t like that. More importantly, they don’t have the patience to dig through the chaos to find the information they actually want and need. It’s a frustrating experience that in most cases forces them to give up and find a competitor’s site that will give them FAST access to the information they need. In fact, nearly 2 out of 3 users say they will likely not return to a site that is not easily viewed from their mobile device.

So where do they go? 61 % say they will go to a competitor’s site in the future to avoid the frustration.

Your website viewed on a mobile phone

Why do I need a mobile website - the numbers speak for themselves!

Do you know how traffic is getting to your website?

When was the last time you looked at your website analytics and specifically noted how much traffic already comes from mobile devices? Did you notice those numbers growing by leaps and bounds on a monthly basis? It’s safe to say that smartphone users most likely already represent a major percentage of your current or potential customers.

In our experience very few business owners understand the importance of their analytics, so if you’re not paying attention to this data, start. If you are paying attention to these numbers, then you already know that you should give your clients a better experience on your site by having a mobile friendly version and we guarantee this will result in fewer abandon rates! How Do I Get Started With a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Converting your desktop site to a mobile-friendly version can put you in an ideal position to capture new customers and positions you ahead of your competition. Thanks to our cutting edge technology it’s easier than you think and a lot quicker too. A well-designed mobile site will make it easy for consumers to both contact and locate your business.

Mobile sites can include features like click-to-call and click-to-map and make information about your products and services easy to find and easy to read.

We can have a mobile friendly version of your site up and ready in most cases within 24-48 hrs -and for a lot less than you think.

  • 56 % of Americans have a smartphone

    and 91 % of them use their smartphones to search for local business information

  • 70 % of all local search

    results in an action within 1 hr!

  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches

    lead to action over half leading to a purchase.

  • 61% of customers

    who visit a website that is not mobile friendly are likely to go to a competitor’s site.

“Mobile websites are no longer a luxury, something to get around to when you can—they’re an absolute business necessity.”
Shelly Kramer: V3 marketing

Why chose us? The You Want Mobile Difference.

We won't box you into some generic template, our websites are all professionally designed and tailor fitted to meet your specific needs.

Hitting & quitting it really isn’t our thing! We promise to never leave you hanging in a phone queue for hours on end - call us any time we love to chat and will gladly help you with any issues or questions you may have.

More than just mobilizing your website, we are your complete online presence solution.

We’re not all technical and for the most part as business owners your busy focusing on your business which is after all what you do best, so leave the technical stuff to us since that’s what we do best!

We’ll get you Twittered, Facebooked and googled in no time at all! And best of all we’ll do it with a smile!

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